River Sand Making Crusher

At present, with the development of technology, China's mineral industry is increasing, and in the development of mineral industry in sand making machine production line equipment is essential, is mainly composed of a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyors and other equipment assembly. We have improved the sand making machine, an increase of hydraulic device and thin oil lubricating station, unique feeding system, new sand making machine with high energy and low consumption, excellent product grain type, safe and reliable characteristics.River sand making crusher is one of the most advanced impact crushers. Nowadays it introduces high quality roller bearing , which ensure the smooth running of main unit. Personalized design it used in upper cap, this river sand making crusher is easy and convenient to maintain and replace spare parts.

Selection of equipment material in sand production line

The combination of jaw crusher and sand making machine is the foundation of our goal. No matter what kind of equipment is very important, and the material in the equipment can directly affect the service life of this device, thereby affecting the life of the whole production line, so the selection of equipment material in the production line is very important.

  1. High quality wear-resistant materials: sand making machine production line job object is mainly aimed at those strong hardness, difficult to broken stones were working, so the system sand production line equipment is easy to wear, choose those high quality wear-resistant materials are required. Nowadays, some high quality wear-resistant materials is mainly high steel materials and, while old crusher hammers used is small impact force, compressive ability of crushing equipment, because crusher equipment can not make the crusher hammers can be stable and hardening, so often damaged.
  2. Resistant high temperature materials: second in use process equipment will produce a lot of heat, also have a great impact on the sand making machine production line equipment, apparently high temperature resistant material is a must. Therefore, our company of sand making machine hammer were upgrading, making the whole system sand machine production line efficiency had been improved significantly.
  3. Alloy new material: the hammer in the equipment is very important, so the material should adopt the new material, and abandoned in the past that have high gold material should be selected alloy new material and new wear resistant cast iron material. By changing the material of the hammerhead to improve the wear resistance and toughness. After this transformation, sand making machine production line of crusher hammers life has been significantly improved, so that the whole system sand machine production line efficiency are improved.

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